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5 Things a Jewelry Repair Service Can Help You Fix

Jewelry always holds a special place in our hearts. You may have a family heirloom, or perhaps your ring was a special gift from someone you love. According to Grand View Research, as of 2023, the worldwide jewelry market was worth $353.26 billion. However, you’re bound to need help from a jewelry repair service eventually. There are several things these services can help you with.

1. Jewelry Design Adjustments

Sometimes, a piece of jewelry needs a tweak to suit your style better or fit perfectly. A repair service can make those adjustments. Professionals can add extra links to a bracelet or remove a few to ensure it fits properly. They can also change a clasp, and some can help alter the design of your jewelry.

2. Watch Repair

A watch is more than a way to check the time; it’s a statement piece. When your watch stops working or needs maintenance, a repair service can help. They can fix broken watchbands, replace batteries, and repair internal mechanisms. Professionals can usually look at a watch to determine why it quit working and help you fix it.

3. Standard Repair

Over time, jewelry can suffer from wear and tear. These companies can fix broken chains, reattach loose stones, and mend damaged clasps. They may bend rings or other pieces back into shape after an accident. They can usually devise a creative alternative if they can’t repair your jewelry.

4. Pearl Restringing

The string holding pearls together can weaken and break. Most repair services offer pearl restringing, which involves carefully threading the pearls onto a newer, sturdier string. They may add knots between each pearl to prevent them from rubbing against each other and to ensure you don’t lose any if the string breaks.

5. Jewelry Cleaning

Many repair businesses also offer jewelry cleaning services. Over time, jewelry can become lackluster, and your diamond may not shine quite like it used to. A professional cleaning service utilizes the latest technology to help remove dirt and grime from your beautiful stones, ensuring they are as brilliant as they were years ago.

We are a jewelry repair service specializing in various repairs, from watch repairs to restringing pearls. Our professionals can quickly help your jewelry look new again. Contact Edwards Custom Jewelry today to learn more about our services.

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