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4 Occasions to Buy Custom Jewelry for Your Loved Ones

When buying gifts for your spouse, other family members, or friends, you may sometimes be at a loss about what makes the ideal gift. That’s when you should consider designing something unique. Custom jewelry can take a watch, necklace, or ring design and turn it into a one-of-a-kind piece specially made for that person with engraving, birthstones, preferred metals, and more. Here are a few ideal occasions to buy custom jewelry for loved ones.

1. Engagements

If you and your partner have been discussing walking down the aisle for some time, that may be the perfect reason to get a custom-made engagement ring. According to PR Newswire, almost 60% of women prefer getting jewelry as gifts. Regardless of gender, what better time to receive a jewelry gift than when you’re being proposed to by the love of your life?

2. Anniversaries

As you celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary, you may want to commemorate that with jewelry. Consider customized watches, necklaces, or other rings to mark a healthy and beautiful marriage. The jewelry items can get more grand on each milestone anniversary.

3. Graduations

Imagine your child has worked hard in school, and now their big day has arrived. Whether they’re saying goodbye to high school, graduating college cum laude, or finally achieving that higher Masters or PhD degree, you can help show your support with a customized item made special for them. Graduations can be a very emotional time for recipients as they mark years of hard work and sacrifice. Show your child how proud you are of their efforts with a gift like no other.

4. Birthdays

Don’t forget about birthdays. Custom jewelry is especially fitting for a milestone birthday like 18, 30, or 50, but it can be great for other birthdays as well. You can make the birthday special by acknowledging the gift recipient’s birthstone and designing jewelry items around it. You can create one custom birthstone ring or a whole jewelry set including a necklace, earrings, watch, and more, helping the person remember their birthday that year for years to come.

Edwards Custom Jewelry is proud to provide custom jewelry design, repairs, cleaning, and more. When you need a special gift for someone you love, look no further than our team. Contact us so we can get started on your custom design today.

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