Proper Ring Sizing

Prevent Problems Down The Road

Having your rings sized to the proper size can prevent problems down the road.

To find the correct size that you need, visit your local jeweler and they will be able to size your finger properly.

If you currently have a ring that you think might not be the right size for you, there are some ways to check yourself. Your ring should be comfortable on your hand so that it slides on with a little resistance and will not come off your hand if you sling it.

If someone else is able to take your ring off of your hand with ease, it is too large! Your ring is too small if it is cutting off your circulation or is too difficult to get off your finger.

Removing Rings That Are Too Tight

This picture shows a lady's finger that has been affected by a ring that is too small. It is dangerous to have a ring that cuts off your circulation.

If you notice your finger starting to turn from red to purple or blue, this is a sign that your ring is too tight! This can lead to emergency situations if not taken care of early on. As soon as you notice this, you can go to your local jeweler and have the ring removed. If done properly, your ring will not receive damage that is beyond repair.

After all, it is your health that should come first before your jewelry!

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