Proper Pearl Care

Pearls are timeless and by taking care of them, they will stay with your family through generations. Strands of pearls can become stretched and dry-rotted over time, eventually breaking the cord. When this happens, they will need to be restrung.

Our store uses only a high-quality silk cord for strength and then it is coated to prevent fraying.
  • Avoid pulling on your pearl strands as this causes the cord to be stretched and weakens the cord. 
  • Keep pearls in a dry place such as a pearl box or pouch to prevent dry rotting the cord.Store pearls away from your other jewelry to prevent scratching. (Once pearls are scratched, the scratches cannot be removed)
  • To clean your pearls at home, use a solution of mild soap and water and rinse underwater. Pat dry with a soft cloth and store in a pouch or jewelry box
  • If you think your pearls need to be restrung, bring them to your jeweler to have them inspected. We always recommend having your pearls strung with knots. The reasoning for this is because if your pearls break, you will only lose1 or 2 pearls. If your pearls do not have knots and they break, you will lose them all. With the proper education, you will know what to look for in your pearl jewelry.

Here are the signs you should look for in your pearls

  • If your pearls are strung with knots, the pearls should not be able to slide in between the knots.
  • If there are any frayed threads or gaps between the pearls, bring them in to be checked.
  • Pearls should not be able to slide over the knots (This is caused from improper restringing. It happens from the cord being too small for the pearls)
  • To check if your pearls are real, grind the pearl in between your teeth. If it is a gritty texture, they are real. If it has a silky texture, they are synthetic.

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